El Castillo Beach: A Beach Taken from Paradise

The El Castillo beach (meaning “The Castle”) is located on the northwest coast of the island of Fuerteventura. El Castillo is in the village of El Cotillo in the municipality of La Oliva. To get to El Cotillo you can take the FV-10 road which comes from La Oliva, and passes through Lajares and El Roque villages. If you’re coming from Corralejo, you can take the FV-101 road and change to FV-109 at Lajares village. By changing roads, you can save almost an hour’s drive. It takes only fifteen minutes to go from La Oliva to El Cotillo (distance is 15km.). 

To go to El Castillo beach, you have to turn left when approaching El Cotillo village. There is a sign that clearly marks it. If you turn right, you will land on Los Lagos beach. The road to El Castillo is a dirt road, but there is nothing to worry, if you drive slowly, the beginning of the beach is only 50 meters away. Before reaching the beach, you will find a historical military monument of Fuerteventura, “La Torre del Toston.” It was built to defend the island from attackers, back in the mid 17th century. It has been declared a Cultural Historical Monument since 1949.

And checking out  this monument, suddenly, one of the most impressive and beautiful sceneries of Fuerteventura appears, the magnificent beach of El Castillo. We get this feeling because the access to the beach and the town itself are at a higher altitude than the beach itself. So when you look from up, you can see the huge beach under your eyes, and its huge! It is a sandy beach and the sand color is between yellow and white. The texture is very smooth.  Once you park at the top of the beach, you can go down the hill to reach the sand. There are many entrances to the beach. You can even drive up to the part of the beach where you want to spend the day, park there, and then go down from there. There is plenty of places to choose from, because the beach is huge, over 2 kilometers towards the south of the island.

The beach has strong currents, but one can swim near the shore to freshen up and take a dip without any danger . El Castillo is not very dangerous . The waves breaking near the shore are strong, in many cases not strong enough for surfers, but in certain areas the strength is enough to practice these water sports. Bodyboarding also has its place among sports people who come to the beach of El Castillo. You can play ball, paddle tennis, or just play cards with friends, or just sunbathe and enjoy the magnificent moments available in this paradisiacal beach.

Due to this distance from big towns, El Castillo beach has no continuous monitoring and emergency service, although the local police in La Oliva maintain a high quality service. The town has its own health centre nearby.

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