Pajara Fuerteventura Beaches

The Pajara Fuerteventura beaches are located in the southern part of the island, on both sides of the island: on the eastern, and western coast. These world-class Fuerteventura beaches, attract visitors who either want to sunbathe, do water-sports, go walking, or just want to be in an isolated location. 

Best Pajara Fuerteventura Beaches

The main beaches in Pajara are:

Costa Calma

The Costa Calma beach is on the south east coast.  It is a beach of golden sand, and is 2190 metres long.


The Ajuy beach is on the west coast. It is a black sand beach which is 270 metres long.


There are two beaches that make up the wonderful and isolated coastal area on the west coast of Fuerteventura.  The Barlovento beach is 5700 metres long and is made up of golden sand.  The beach, named Cofete, is also of golden sand and is 6000 metres long.

Playa de Sotovento de Jandia

The Sotavento beach is a wonderful beach that has white sand and crystal clear, turquoise sea; and is probably the most famous beach of all the Fuerteventura beaches.  It is 9 kilometres long and is made up of 3 beaches where there are access points. The beaches are Playa Barca, Risco de Paso and Mirador.  The beaches are used for windsurfing, kite-surfing and some surfing.

The Sotavento beach continues and is linked to the Playa de Los Canarios (white sand and 890 metres long) and Playa de Mal Nombre/Tierra Dorada (golden sand and 1500 metres long).

Playa de Butihondo/Esquinzo

This is another beautiful long beach of golden sand that is on the east coast of Jandia.  It is 1500 metres long.  It has 2015 Blue Flag status, and is popular with windsurfers, kite-surfers and surfers.

Solana Matorral/La Cebada

El Matorral beach is in the Jandia area, and faces south.  It is made up of white sand and is 4325 metres long, and has 2015 Blue Flag status.

Other Beaches in the Southeast of Pajara Fuerteventura

Other beaches on the southeast coast of Pajara are:

  • La Lajita (black sand and 915 metres long)
  • Puerto Rico (white sand and 410 mertres long)
  • La Jaqueta (golden sand and 740 metres long
  • Punta del Viento (white sand and 60 metres long).

West Coast of Pajara Fuerteventura: Other Beaches

On the west coast of Pajara are:

  • La Pared (golden sand and 250 metres long) and used by surfers
  • El Viejo Rey (golden sand and 800 metres long) and used by surfers
  • La Solapa (black sand and 425 metres long)
  • Los Ojos/El Tigre (white sand and 40 metres long)
  • Playa de Garcey (white sand and 470 metres long)
  • Los Chiguigos (black sand and 30 metres long)
  • Matas Blancas (golden sand and 1500 metres long)
  • Punta Salinas (white sand and 30 metres long)
  • Roque del Morro (golden sand and 2000 metres long)
  • Ugan (black sand)
  • Vigocho (black sand and 300 metres long)

On the Southern Peninsula there are several isolated sandy beaches that are best reached by a 4x4 vehicle.  These beaches are made up of the Baja de Juan Gomez (golden sand and 100 metres long); El Puertito (golden sand); Joros (white sand and 100 metres long); La SeƱora (golden sand and 130 metres long); Las Colorades (golden sand and 230 metres long); Morro de Potala (golden sand) and Puerto de la Cruz (white sand and 310 metres long).

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