Los Lagos Beach

Los Lagos de El Cotillo (meaning “The Lakes” of El Cotillo) is a set of small beaches in the shape of a “C”. The main beaches there are La Concha (“The Shell”) Beach , La Playa del Aguila (“Eagle Beach”) and La Playa de la Mujer (“the Beach of the Woman”). The sand is white and it doesn’t come from silicon. Therefore, it does not burn your feet when you walk on it,  and one can walk around their small dunes quite comfortably . On the northwest side of the island of Fuerteventura you can find another great jewels of nature, the beach of El Cotillo.

Los Lagos is located in the village of El Cotillo, which is in the municipality of La Oliva. To get to El Cotillo, you have to use the FV-10 road, which comes from La Oliva town. This road passes through the villages of Lajares and El Roque. You can also get to El Cotillo from Corralejo if you drive on the FV- 101 road, and then at Lajares take the FV- 109 road, which can shorten the ride more than an hour . The distance between La Oliva and El Cotillo is about 15 kilometers. This takes a little over fifteen minutes by car.

Unlike what happens with the other big beach located in El Cotillo, the Playa del Castillo, which has very strong currents and waves and is used by great lovers of surfing and bodyboarding , Los Lagos beaches are a relaxation point, where you can notice how the sun, sand, and sea  combine harmoniously. In the geography of these beache,  you can see shapes that resemble small bays,  that protect swimmers from the strong ocean currents of the northern coast. The water level at high tide does not exceed the height of the people, so you can swim safely . Thanks to the bright white sand of this part of the coast of El Cotillo, the water’s color is a mixture of  gorgeous turquoise and teal, which makes us imagine we’re in one of the most wonderful places on the planet. As with most of the island of Fuerteventura, during over half of the year there are some drafts of a wind that sometimes can cause some discomfort, but you usually won’t pay attention to this if you’re having fun under the sun.

The beaches of northwestern Fuerteventura don’t have massive tourist developments such as apartment complexes and hotels.  This offers tourists and residents a whole bunch of benefits that no other part of the island does. The tranquility and the absence of masses of tourists,  gives these beaches a special family color. These beaches are only fifty meters from the village of El Cotillo, so walking from the beach to the town and vice versa becomes a healthy, and at the same time romantic, exercise. The low population of locals and tourists, its calm waters, and the easy access to the beaches,  makes Los Lagos a family beach to enjoy great moments of life. These beaches are recommended for tourists with children who want to enjoy a relaxing day without dangers.

Because of this remoteness, the beaches that make up Los Lagos do not have a continuous monitoring and emergency service, although the local police of La Oliva do patrol occasionally. Also, the town has a health center where people can be taken to in case of need.

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