Puerto del Rosario Beaches

Puerto del Rosario beaches are located in the middle of the island of Fuerteventura. There are beaches on the west coast of the island, and on the east coast (including in the capital itself, Puerto del Rosario).  The beaches are all varied and offer the chance for people to sunbathe, go walking and take part in water-sports.

Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca beach is 1 kilometre south of the capital, Puerto del Rosario, on the east coast, close to Fuerteventura airport.  The beach has a 2015 Blue Flag status.  It is a beach of golden sand that is backed by some low sand dunes. It is 875 metres long. Access is off the main road FV-2.  The prevailing north-eastern wind usually creates waves that are suitable for surfing beginners.  There is a well-known rip current that is dangerous, so extreme care has to be taken when swimming in the sea.

Puerto Lajas

Puerto Lajas is a small village on the east coast of the island, 5km north of the capital, Puerto del Rosario. The beach is made up of black sand and is 700 metres long.  The beach has 2015 Blue Flag status.  Access is off the main road FV-1. The prevailing NE wind makes the beach suitable for windsurfing and surfing beginners.  It is a quiet beach that is unknown to many tourists.

Los Pozos

Los Pozos beach is a small beach in the capital, Puerto del Rosario.  It is made up of golden sand and is 160km long.  It is known by locals as ‘Playa Chica’. The beach has 2015 Blue Flag status.  It is protected by a man-made breakwater/walkway on its northern edge, so there aren’t usually any large waves.  It is very popular with locals during the summer months, and with cruise ship passengers in the winter months. In 2015 work started on extending the beach southwards, so that it will more than double the size of the beach.  A breakwater has been built at the southern end, and sand will be dredged from the sea bed at the cruise ship dock and will be put on the beach.

Los Molinos

Los Molinos beach is located on the west coast. The small village of Los Molinos overlooks the beach which is made up of black sand, and is backed by a banking of large, grey boulders.  The beach is 200 metres long.  Large waves crash on to the beach so it is a spectacular sight.  Access to the beach is along the FV-221 road. One of the interesting features of this beach is that it is at the end of a valley, through which a small stream flows into the sea from a dam that is further up the valley.  This is quite unique on Fuerteventura due to the absence of freshwater. 

Other Puerto del Rosario Beaches

On the west coast there are three other isolated beaches that are made up of black sand at El Puertito, Janubio and Jarugo. Access is only by 4x4 vehicles.  On the east coast there are three isolated beaches called Carrion, Puerto Escondido, and Matorral, which are made up of black sand and are mainly used by local people.

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