Fuerteventura Fishing: What you Need

There are lots of opportunities to enjoy Fuerteventura fishing, as most people stay in accommodation that is close to the coastline. It is possible to go fishing off the rocks or off a boat in Fuerteventura. As the island is arid and barren there is no freshwater fishing.  The local population can often be seen going fishing for their supper, as they put their catch on a BBQ.  A whole range of seawater fish can be caught in the waters around the island, with the largest catch being around 200kg.

Many people on holiday like to spend a couple of hours fishing using a rod off the rocky coastline, and it’s possible to catch bonita tuna, barracuda, garfish and bluefish. There are also organized Fuerteventura fishing sea trips in places like Caleta de Fuste and Corralejo. On these trips, large fish like mullet, bream, barracuda, amberjacks, palometa, parrotfish can be caught.  A variety of bait can be used, and it’s worth talking to other fishermen to get advice on what they use to get the best catches.

Children enjoy fishing on the island with a net off the beach, as the fish are brave enough to swim close to the shore in knee deep warm water.  The chances of a net catch are slim, but the children are convinced that they’ll be rewarded.

Where to Get Your Fishing Rods

It is possible to buy cheap fishing rods in the Chinese owned shops in most of the towns on the island, or in hardware shops (ferreterias) or at the specialist fishing shop in Caleta de Fuste called "Gone Fishing".  Some shops also hire out fishing rods for a small charge and a deposit.

Fuerteventura Fishing License

Local law states that everyone who goes Fuerteventura fishing should have a fishing licence.  This licence is issued by the Agricultural and Fisheries Office in the capital of the island, Puerto del Rosario or from the La Oliva Ayuntamiento’s office in Corralejo.  So for people on holiday, it can be impractical to go to the trouble of applying for and getting a licence.  In practice, anyone on holiday won’t be bothered too much by the local police providing they throw back small fish and don’t leave litter, but why risk it ? If you would like to order the shore fishing online, we recommend this service. It is our sister site, and the license is valid on all of the Canaries for a period of 3 years.

Other basic sport fishing rules are that no one person should use more than 3 hooks or 2 rods at a time. The maximum catch is 4kg of fish per person per day.  Collecting mussels and limpets is strictly forbidden.
Anyone who wants to fish regularly on the island is advised to apply for a licence.

Fuerteventura Fishing Office

This is located in the capital Puerto del Rosario, and is where all the licenses are issued. All you have to do is take a photocopy of your passport. Bank payment and registration forms will be supplied right there:

Calle Lucha Canaria,  112    

35600 - Puerto del Rosario    

Telephones: +34 928 53 11 84

                          +34 928 53 12 03

Important Things to Keep in Mind

•    Some of the fish that you may come across when fishing, have to be handled carefully, as they have sharp spines that could be poisonous.  The general advice is to be very careful of fish that are brightly coloured, as this is a sign of being dangerous.

•    Be careful not to get sun-burnt when fishing.  Use plenty of high factor sun cream and avoid fishing between midday and 3pm when the sun is at its hottest.

•    Don’t fish where there are signs showing it is prohibited.

•    Don’t fish off a beach that has tourists walking on it or paddling in the sea.

Small coastal fishing villages often have fishing competitions at their Fiesta times; and every second weekend in September, in the town of Gran Tarajal, there is an International Open Sea Fishing Competition.  Blue Marlin are usually the biggest catches there at around 300 kg.

Enjoy your time Fuerteventura fishing!

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