Fuerteventura Tours: Your Guide to Driving Around the Island

It is worth doing Fuerteventura tours by hiring a car, As well as the Fuerteventura excursions available.  Car hire is relatively cheap and all tarmac roads on the island are in good condition and the roads aren’t busy.

It is possible to drive round the island in one day, but the best thing to do is to choose a different route on 3 different days.  By doing a Northern Route, A Middle Route and a Southern Route, you’ll be able to see most of the island and see the various sites and places of interest on each route.  There are free island maps available in Hotel and Apartment Receptions so it’s worth getting one, so that you can plan and follow your chosen route.

Each of the recommended Fuerteventura tours can be picked up at any starting point on the route, as I have chosen a circular route for each one.

Fuerteventura Tours  – The Central Route

The first of our Fuerteventura tours starts off in the tourist resort of Caleta de Fuste, where you can get on to the main road, the FV-2, and travel north.  At the first roundabout, turn left on to the FV-413.  This road takes you inland past the village of Triquivijate and after15 km you will reach the small town of Antigua which is in the middle of the island.  Antigua has a nice square next to the church.  Just north of Antigua, on the FV-20, is the Antigua Windmill and Craft Centre which is open to the public.

From Antigua, take the FV-20 and head south through the villages of Valles de Ortega, Agua de Bueyes and Tiscamanita.  In Tiscamanita is the Windmill Visitors Centre.  After 14 km you will arrive in the town of Tuineje.  In the centre of the town, you then take the FV-30 and travel the 10km into the small town of Pajara.  It’s worth stopping here and exploring the centre to see the 17th Century church, the dry river bed with its bouganvilla and typical Canarian architecture.

From Pajara take the FV-605, and after 1.5km take the FV-621 and head for the coastal village of Ajuy.  Ajuy has several recommended bars and fish restaurants, a black sand beach and, to the north, a pleasant cliff top walk to some large caves.  After exploring Ajuy, then head back to Pajara.

This Fuerteventura tour then heads up into the mountains by following the FV-30 towards Betancuria.  The road winds it is way up the mountains and along towards Vega de Rio Palmas.  It can be a bit hair-raising as you drive along, but if you take your time there are wonderful views, and it’s possible to stop at several viewing points along the road.  After 15 km you reach the historic town of Betancuria which was the former capital of the island.  There is limited parking in the centre of Betancuria, so it’s best to park in the car park to the south.  Have a walk round the centre of the town and you’ll see the 17th Century church and the historic buildings and souvenir shops, bars and restaurants.

Back on to the FV-30 you then climb out of the valley and up to the viewpoint, where you will see the statues of Ayoze and Guize, where there is a viewing point to look south down into Betancuria, and to look towards the north of the island.  About 0.5km along the road is a right turn to the Mirador de Moro Velosa.  This is a Visitors Centre, designed by the renowned architect Caesar Manrique, and it offers tremendous panoramic views of the north and middle of Fuerteventura, with a snack bar and an exhibition about Arid Landscapes.

Back on the main road then head downhill along the FV-30, to the first roundabout.  Here you turn left, and drive along the FV-416 towards Antigua.  You can then follow the signposts and return to Caleta de Fuste

Fuerteventura Tours  – The Northern Route

The starting point for the second of our Fuerteventura tours is the tourist resort of Corralejo in the north of the island.

Head south on the FV-101, and you will pass the new village of Tamaragua, and after 10 km you will reach the village of Villaverde.  3km further along you will then drive into the small town of La Oliva.  Here there are several places to visit, including the church, the Casa de Coroneles, the Grain Museum and the Canarian Art Centre.

Driving out of La Oliva, you then take the first left and drive along the FV-10 for 14 km to the coastal village of El Cotillo.  There is a popular beach to the south and the lagoon beaches to the north.

After leaving El Cotillo head back towards La Oliva, but follow the FV-10 when it is sign posted ‘Puerto del Rosario’.  This will take you close to the village of Tindaya and Tindaya Mountain.  To the right you will then get wonderful views of the middle of the island as you look towards Tefia.  The road then passes through the villages of La Matilla and Tetir, and heads towards Puerto del Rosario, the capital of the island.  You can then choose to drive into the capital, or take the by-pass and follow the signs for Corralejo.  After 14 km you will pass the village of Parque Holandes and the the road passes through the sand dunes of the National Park.  It is possible to park up in the authorized parking places and have a wander on the dunes and walk towards the beaches.

It is then a 5 km drive back into Corralejo.

Fuerteventura Tours  – The Southern Route

The third of our Fuerteventura tours starts off in Tuineje.  Take the FV-20 and head towards Gran Tarajal which is 16 km away.  It has a long sea front promenade and many restaurants and bars.  Leave the town and take the FV-512 and go to Las Playitas.  This is a traditional fishing village with a black sand beach.  To the south there is a large hotel complex, a golf course and first class sporting facilities.  If you like heights, take the winding road up to the Entallada lighthouse, which is the closest point of the island to the African continent.

Return towards Gran Tarajal, and rejoin the FV-2 and head south past Tarajalejo and La Lajita.  In the latter, you will find the Oasis Park Zoo next to the main road.

Drive south to the resort of Costa Calma, where you may choose to stop and visit the beach and have a look around.

Then as you drive south towards Morro Jable, you will see the magnificent Sotavento beaches, which have limited road access.

This Fuerteventura tour then links into the dual carriageway which provides a fast link into Jandia and Morro Jable.  It is possible to turn off this road, and take the old road route to the south.

Jandia is the resort with hotels and apartments overlooking the sandy beach, and Morro Jable is the town next to it.

After looking round these two places, you should head north again on the FV-2 through Costa Calma.  Then take the turn to La Pared on the FV-605.  This is on the west coast of the island.

From there you continue north through the mountains to Pajara, which is a distance of 33 km.  There are view points of the mainly inaccessible west coast.

From Pajara you then drive along the FV-30 into Tuineje.

Fuerteventura Tours: Summary

The Fuerteventura tours suggested above are only a guideline, and you may find interesting places and things to do on each one.  You may even decide to revisit places, and spend more time at certain places.

These Fuerteventura tours will show you what the real Fuerteventura is like, outside of the main tourist resorts.  Hopefully, you will find them interesting.

Please make sure that you take plenty of water/drinks with you on any of these Fuerteventura tours as you don’t want to dehydrate.  All of the towns and villages on the route have bars that are open all day for drinks and food.

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