La Pared Beach

La Pared beach, which in Spanish means “The Wall,” is located in the southern municipality of Pajara, on the island of Fuerteventura. This beach is located a few meters away from the residential area of La Pared. Those who love water sports such as surfing or bodyboarding, choose this beach.

It is located on the west coast of the island of Fuerteventura and and you can reach there by driving on the FV-605 road. This road starts from the south of the island in the village of Morro Jable. When you reach a roundabout (see map below), you are able to go towards the right to Costa Calma beach and resorts, or take the next exit of this road towards the left and the road will lead you to the La  Pared residential area in less than ten minutes.

In this part of the island, you can find two distinct beaches . The first one, located closer to the residential area is less busy because of its location and unfavorable features to practice surfing or bodyboarding . If you walk a little further along the coast towards the south, you will find in a remarkable beach for water sports, i.e. the beach of Viejo Rey, which means “Old King,”  in La Pared.

As with almost all the beaches of the southwestern coast of Fuerteventura La Pared has strong waves and currents.  That force is used by people who loves sports, to spend a few hours of training daily. The color of the water is an intense dark blue, with a lot of currents and force from the north. The sand on the beach of La Pared is darker than that of the beaches of the east coast and measures 250 meters long and just over 18 meters wide,  if we take these figures as average values over the year and keep in mind all the tides of this period.

Based on its geological and marine features, this beach rarely receives visits of families with small children, because of the danger of the sea. Another reason is that it is hard to get there, and access is not prepared for the children nor the elderly. There are a few brave families who do go, but they are rare. 

When visiting La Pared beach, keep in mind that you will not meet common security infrastructures such as first aid stations, or the surveillance of Spanish Red Cross and Civil Defense. Mobile phone coverage in this area is not too good.

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